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QwikStrips™ Ultimate Single / Double-Sided Assorted 10 Pack

Presenting QwikStrips™: your total solution for all interproximal reduction (IPR) tasks and the efficient removal of surplus dental cement from teeth.

Effortlessly tackle the task of extracting excess cement following the cementation of crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers with QwikStrip™. Utilize a QwikStrip serrated strip for simple and clean cement removal.

QwikStrips are your key to predictable outcomes during IPR procedures with Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles®, ClearCorrect™, or MTM®. Providing a less noisy and more accurate alternative than drilling, QwikStrips create a comfortable experience for patients due to their non-invasive design.


The QwikStrip Ultimate Single & Double-Sided Assorted 10 pack features:



1 x Yellow Single-Sided Ultra-Fine .07mm

1 x Red Single-Sided Fine .10mm 1 x Blue Single-Sided Medium .13mm

1 x Green Single-Sided Coarse .16mm

1 x Black Single-Sided Extra-Coarse .18mm



1 x Yellow Double-Sided Ultra-Fine .18mm

1 x Red Double-Sided Fine .20mm

1 x Blue Double-Sided Medium .25mm

1 x Green Double-Sided Coarse .30mm

1 x Black Double-Sided Extra-Coarse .40mm