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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Every clear aligner case is different so no one Munchie is suited to all cases. To find the perfect combination of Munchies®, visit the Munchies® Doctor Calculator. If you have any questions about clear aligner therapy one of our dentists will be delighted to answer your question please contact us.

If you’re undergoing clear aligner therapy, you can find the perfect combination of Munchies® using the Munchies® Patient Calculator. We strongly recommend consulting your dentist or orthodontist before using Munchies®.

Munchies® should be used every time clear aligners are reinstered. Each Munchie is used slightly differently. To find out more, please visit either the How to Use page or Munchies Instructions for Use booklets page on

Each Munchies® device has an average life span of around two weeks if used correctly. The product has been designed to be robust for this period and to remain visco-elastic and deliver the correct forces if not used excessively.


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All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping costs differ slightly from country to country and the amount of products purchased

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