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Lina Craven: Training and Consulting

Lina Craven: Training and Consulting

In my capacity as a consultant, trainer or speaker, I’ll tailor my services and training to your team and practice for the best results.

I have over three decades of dental experience as a patient, manager, consultant and speaker. This gives me unrivalled levels of knowledge that I can use to benefit your business. I’ve helped hundreds of dental practices around the world to develop their skills, sell more private treatments, reduce costs and increase profits.

I can offer virtual training for:

  1. Treatment Coordinators and support staff: This is a 9 hour intensive course split into three -3 hour sessions.  A customer focused approach helping you increase your case acceptance.
  2. Front of house team: Transform your front of house team from Ordinary to Great. Choose from different modules to suit your individual practice’s needs. Being ‘nice’ is no longer viable to a profitably business.
To learn more visit: Virtual Training for Specialist Dental Team | Lina Craven

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Lina Craven

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