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Kiroku - Pro

Kiroku - Pro

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Kiroku Pro

Kiroku is a note-taking tool that helps you write thorough notes without missing any important details. With clickable templates, you can create personalised notes in no time, and even add related sections like diagnosis and treatment planning automatically. Our easy-to-use templates are perfect for nurses or assistants with no prior software training. You can upload your note templates or choose from our library of over 60 clinically-curated templates. You can customise your templates to fit your clinical practice's evolving needs, and since Kiroku is web-based, you can access it from anywhere.

If you're on our Pro plan, you can easily convert your notes into Docs in one click. Write patient letters, referrals, and consent forms in a fraction of the time. Adding recipient/patient information is all you need to do to create a new Doc. You can even make changes to your letters within Kiroku, with the same functionality found in other document processors like Word. You can download your Kiroku Docs or email them directly as a PDF or as a Tracked Doc to the patient, other dental professionals, or practice administrative staff. With Tracked Docs, you can collect e-signatures for an improved consent process.

We recommend Kiroku Pro for those looking to streamline their note-taking and documentation process by turning Kiroku Notes into a range of personalised Docs such as referral letters or treatment plans, including gathering digital consent with e-signatures. We also have Kiroku's Essential plan for dental professionals who want to streamline and improve their note-taking process.